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 Tourism Development in the Jordan Valley

Tourism development and promotion is part of the Jordan Valley development law, and one of the main objectives of the Jordan Valley Authority JVA strategic plan 2003-2008.
Dead Sea
In 1995, the JVA has developed and launched a master plan for investment   promotion of tourism development and its infrastructure on the East Coast of the Dead Sea between Swiemeh and Zara.
The region impounds the Dead Sea, lowest and most saline body on earth (415 m below sea level), at the southern outlet of the Jordan River and internationally well known for its uniqueness (geological and historical characteristics with eco-system housing rare wild life and endemic plant species).
The region is a world-renowned location for medical and health treatment that combines hot springs, mineral compositions, medical mud, and special climate conditions (warm winter, and high oxygen level).
Integrated Tourism developments along the Eastern Coast of the Dead Sea have been promoted through private and public partnerships.
International and local firms have constructed chain of hotels and tourist villages with all related tourism activities including medical and health centers, vacation houses, and water park in addition to all supporting facilities of both commercial and entertainment nature.  
The value of investment on these tourism activities so far is around JD 411 million. The master plan identified 25000 Bed Units until the year 2010.
As for local investment, a tourism project on an area of 146 durum was implemented by Greater Amman Municipality (restaurants, play gardens, swimming pools, beach area), in addition to the Economic World Forum Convention Center.
The Ministry of Tourism has started the construction of Sweimeh National Park on an area of 2000 dunum. The JVA has completed the construction of all supported infrastructure networks along the Dead Sea East Coast.
Baptism Site
In 1999, the JVA in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism developed Jesus Baptism site with all supporting infrastructure. The site attracts visitors wishing to benefit from this religious heritage.
In order to encourage investment in the Jordan Valley, JVA leased 648 dunum adjacent to Sheikh Hussein bridge area to establish an Industrial Area (QIZ).
Furthermore, a study is being conducted to utilize the potential of Aqua-Tourism around Kafrain and Karma dams. Land along the dams coasts will be leased for local investments.