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 JVA Participation In King Abdallah II Award

Under the guidance of his Excellency the Secretary-General and in cooperation with the formed work teams, the team of King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in the Jordan Valley Authority is developing the institutional performance in the Authority to meet the modern requirements.

The formed teams include a team responsible for the authority's vision, mission, strategic plan, its basic values and social responsibilities (leadership criterion), another team which is  responsible for the staff welfare and satisfaction and job replacement (personnel criterion), another one (operations criterion) which is concerned with the service recipients, measures their level of satisfaction and studies all the procedures necessary  to increase this level, a team which  its responsibilities  are  to enclose the authority's assets of knowledge and to deploy and transfer knowledge among staff (knowledge criterion), the last team is concerned with planning and managing the annual budget of the authority, how to measure annual income and expenditures and how to increase revenues(financial criterion).