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 Dynamic Regulation

The dynamic regulation system is used to manage and control the operation of the 110 KM long king Abdullah canal (KAC)
The system enables the absorption of water inflow into KAC ,and the adjustment of water levels at KAC section allowing discharges for different  user .
The canal is the backbone of the water conveyance and distribution system in the Jordan Valley . it is fed mainly from the Yarmouk River ,Zarqa River ,mukheibeh wells and side wadis ,and used to supply water for irrigation and domestic purposes .
The dynamic regulation system perform the following three associated  action at 28 check gates:
1. Anticipatory action
2. Corrective action
3. Coordination action

Accordingly the discharge at each check and at each regulation time step is calculated .
The system predicts the volume which will be stored in KAC at  the end of the day , the flow for each outlet and inlet for the next hour and the target volume for ach reach of the canal .these forecasts are updated every 15 minutes .
(((( remote transmission unit  (RTU)
The operator at the control center is able to display ,for each reach,the curve of the target volume ,the curve of the measured volume and the upstream discharge evolution .

((( Ultra Sonic level sensor)))
The system systematically checks that  the  adjustments are made properly ,if an error is observed ,a fault signal is activated and message is issued .
The supervisor can adjust the check gates remotely by dispatching a set point directly from the control center the gates can also be locally controlled by KAC operators.
(( check gate opening sensor))