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 Secretary General Speech









Based on Jordan Valley Authority Vision for the sustainability of water resources, land, and development in the Jordan Valley  in accordance of good Governance Principles , JVA persists since its establishment in 1977 to inform the local, regional and international bodies about its activities in the field of the integrated development of the Jordan Valley region particularly with regard to the development and management of water sources and distribution of irrigation water and land usage, so as to achieve the core values embodied in institution-building and represented in applying the principles of administrative and financial transparency, and fairness in the distribution of development gains and guarantee equal opportunities for staff and users of the services, as well as continuous development based on the adoption of better means and methods of modern technology which returns on benefit to the citizens of the Jordan Valley and the country in general .                                                                                                                
The Jordan Valley Authority is also continuing to implement dam projects to reach the target capacity of 400 million cubic meters by building new dams in all governorates of the Kingdom in addition to the existing dams which number (14) dams with a storage capacity of 336 million cubic meters, In addition to rehabilitation projects of existing irrigation networks to ensure the reduction of losses, efficiency and fairness of distribution and working  on the rehabilitation of new areas and in light of the availability of water for irrigation use.                                                                                              

The Jordan Valley Authority works to manage, develop and protect water resources, shared water and land efficiently, maintain a distinctive environment in the Jordan Valley and follow commercial principles to complete investment and development projects in the Jordan Valley. This is evident through the development of Wadi Araba, as well as to strengthen the powers of the water user associations along the valley and give the farmers the largest role in managing the farms and dealing with the available water sources.                                                                                                                            
Me and my colleagues in the Jordan Valley Authority are pleased to present you the latest information according to JVA's activities to express our hope that the published materials are appreciated, and would like to assure that JVA will answer all your questions, receive feedback and accept your suggestions that would improve our job to be always up to date organization.                     

I would like to assure you that the Jordan Valley Authority  is keen to answer your queries, receive your comments and take your suggestions which will improve the level of work that we do to always remain a vibrant institution in the spirit of the times and requirements.                                                        
May Allah help us all to serve our country

H.E The Secretary- General of
Jordan Valley Authority
Eng. Ali Suliman Al Kouz