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Jordan Valley Authority > Purposes


National and institutional objectives:

National objectives:
Axis1: reinforce the investment
Axis2: financial services, and financial and governmental reformation
Axis3: improve the infrastructure level

Institutional objectives:

  1. Sustain and increase traditional sources of water.
  2.  Improve and increase the efficiency of irrigation systems in the Jordan valley.
  3. Effective storage of surface water.
  4. Comprehensive and integrated development in Araba valley.
  5. Increase the sources of non-conventional water.
  6. Utilize the treated water in industrial and agricultural fields.
  7. Protect water sources from pollution and depletion.
  8. Protect the soil from degradation.
  9. Effective contribution in protecting and saving the Dead Sea.
  10. Attract and fetch new investments.
  11. Managing and protecting lands in Araba valley for agricultural, tourist and industrial purposes.
  12.  Reduce the load on the budget.