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 JVA Role

Functions of the Jordan valley authority

The duties of the Jordan Valley Authority under Article III of the development of the Jordan Valley law and its amendments No. 19 of 1988, including the following:
Develop the  water resources and exploit them  in the irrigated agriculture, domestic use, municipal and industrial affairs, electricity generation and other useful purposes. as well as protect and preserve these resources and do all the required work to develop them. also conduct the necessary studies to assess water resources, including hydrological and hydrogeological studies, Geological survey, drilling optional wells, building monitoring stations.  study, design, implement, operate and do the maintenance of irrigation projects and the projects' facilities and business.  survey, classify and identify the lands appropriate for  irrigated agriculture and reclaim and divide these lands into farm units. settle all the disputes arising from the use of water resources. Organize and direct the establishment of private and public wells. develop the environment in the valley, and protect, improve and implement all actions necessary to this end. design structural and detailed charts for the lands located outside organizational boundaries. study, design, construct and maintain the agricultural road networks in the valley. develop the tourism in the valley and appoint areas with relative features that can be exploited in tourist, develop these areas and establish tourist facilities.

Key services provided by the authority

The Jordan valley authority provides a number of services to citizens, especially the citizens of the Jordan Valley area, the total number of services provided is about 43, 31 of them are directed to serve the lands sector, and about 12 services to distribute the  irrigation water to farmers in the valley, the most important ten services provided by the Authority in the areas of lands, maintenance and operation are mentioned in the following:
Supply the agricultural units with water (irrigation order)
Maintenance of agricultural units' sockets.
Install irrigation system for the newly found agricultural units.
Examined samples of water, soil, plants and fertilizers.
Leasing and sale of lands to investors in the tourism sector.
Sale of farm units with issued registration deed.
Mortgage farm units that have issued registration deed to the Agricultural Credit Corporation.
Issue an approval for farm units rental.
The issuance of construction license within the agricultural units.
Give the approval to deliver electricity to the agricultural units.
It is worth mentioning that the Jordan Valley Authority as a public sector institution was established in order to achieve the comprehensive development in the Jordan Valley area and was not targeted to achieve business profits through its activities.