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  To ensure Jordan needs of fresh water up to 2040, maintain the environment of the Dead Sea from degradation, reduce dependence on over abstracted existing underground resources in order to save from further depletion, and to have a reliable and sustainable new source (desalination of sea water), and to plan for future generations of Jordan, it was agreed by Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority to proceed with the implementation of Phase I of the Red Sea- Dead Sea water conveyance project.
In this respect, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the three parties on Dec 9, 2013 in Washington DC. This MoU will be followed by signing bi-lateral agreements between Jordan and Israel, and Palestinian Authority and Israel; these agreements will include the relative details, requirements, and commitments of each party.
These agreements is a result of a joint effort by the three parties benefiting from the project to support regional cooperation in the context of the urgent need for drinking water in the region, especially for Jordan and Palestinian territories.
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Red Sea – Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project  (Phase I)

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  • Vision:
    Establish a secure and affordable water supply for Jordan while at the same time saving the Dead Sea from extinction, Support widespread economic growth in Jordan. Provide for potential regional water, and Facilitate private and public financing and partnership.
  • Mission:
    Initiation of RSDS with a minimal Phase 1 project with the aim of “Providing freshwater in the Aqaba region for the beneficiary parties, while at the same time initiating the fundamental infrastructure elements for providing additional freshwater to the Amman region in subsequent phases of the project”.
  • Core Values ( RICE )

R : Respect I : Integrity C : Commitment E : Excellence


Emphasis on transparency approach taken during the various stages of the project have been held several Public Meetings in the countries benefiting from the project under the umbrella of the World Bank study and that after it is announced through the media in advance.
For the sake of the Jordanian government to communicate and plan for integrated development in the area of Wadi Araba and ensure that residents of the area of the creation of the project, whether to take advantage of direct and indirect, through the pursuit of project management to pursue a policy of consultation with them through holding seminars and direct meetings that have been the focus of which the notes issued residents of the area and be given priority during the planning of the various phases of the project.

Prominent role and pivotal to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation / Jordan Valley Authority and in coordination with the administration and participation of the World Bank and experts responsible for managing RSDS project study was evident in the preparation and follow-up consultative Public Meetings , which included .....For more