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Project Concept For RSDS/ Initial Phase  -    Red Sea Desalination Project at Aqaba

1. Introduction
This project proposal (Red Sea Desalination Project at Aqaba) describes a proposed joint initiative to promote regional cooperation among Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority (the Beneficiary Parties).  It is undertaken in the context of the urgent need for potable water in the Region and describes the proposed development of a sea intake structure, desalination plant, reject brine pipeline and associated infrastructure works from which all thr ee Beneficiary Parties will benefit.

2. Project Objectives

The main objectives of the Project is to start with an initial phase of the RSDS project to desalinate (80-100) MCM/yr which will be partly swapped with Israel at Aqaba (about 50mcm/yr), and to supply AWC with the remaining quantities in order to receive water from Israel for the swapped quantities in the Northern Jordan Valley to alleviate the water shortages in the Northern and other Governorates in Jordan. Also this initial phase will be the base of the overall project which aims at increasing the desalinated water quantities to meet the water deficit all over Jordan. The brine water in this initial phase will be discharged to the Dead Sea, the coming phases will be implemented in stages according to MWI plans for supply vs. demand time targets. It is anticipated for future expansion of the proposed initial phase, that the brine will also be discharged to the Dead Sea to save it from further decrease in its water level and area.

3. Project Concept

In order to increase the water resources in Jordan to meet the increasing demand,

-  MWI is planning to start with an initial phase, which includes the desalination of about (80-100) MCM/yr by extracting (177-222) MCM/yr of sea water from the Red Sea at the Northern Intake location. The intake structure to be constructed to abstract one third of the ultimate capacity for future sea water extraction of 2.2 billion MCM/yr with the brine water to be discharged to the Dead Sea at this initial phase. 
-  The sea water will be treated and desalinated at Aqaba, at a location of about 5-11 km’s north of the Aqaba airport or any other suitable location; taking into consideration that flood protection shall be investigated and considered in the design and implementation of the treatment and desalination plant location.
-  The Ownership of the desalination plant, the pipelines, and all other associated infrastructure will be implemented on the Jordanian territory and will be 100% owned by Jordan. The cost of transporting potable water from the desalination plant for local use shall be covered by each Beneficiary Party taking water delivery.
- The proposed Project is to be implemented on a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis.  Israel and Jordan will both have to  conclude agreements, so that Israel will buy an allocated share of the potable water on” a take or pay basis” from the desalinated plant in Aqaba at the BOT contractor’s cost, and Jordan will buy the same amount from Lake Tiberius at agreed price of  about $0.42/m3.
- Based on previous studies under the Red Sea-Dead Sea Water Conveyance Study Program, it appears that:

            -   the proposed intake structure, reject brine pipeline and associated infrastructure are technically feasible;

            -  there are some environmental impacts but these can be mitigated;  

            -  the expected social impacts are limited and can be mitigated.

  4. Proposed Assessment of the Project Components

The followings are an initial assessment of the project components; however, it is the BOT contractor responsibility to identify in details the project components, and has the right to propose any changes to these components or its locations as long as the project objectives are met and with the approval of the Employer. MWI/JVA is seeking and requesting to assign a qualified Consulting firm(s) to prepare the final project requirements and components. The following project components will serve as an acceptable base for the purpose of this Engineering Services request, which will be further detailed by the selected consulting firm(s) to provide the necessary technical, legal, and financial assessment for the proposed initial phase.