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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Ministry of Water and Irrigation
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About Project
Project Management

Project Management

Minister of Water and Irrigation

DR. Hazem AL-Naser

Dr. Hazim El-Naser worked in developing the long term vision of Jordan's Water Sector, the long term vision of Jordan's Agriculture Sector, the long term vision of Iraq Water and Sanitation Sector.
Worked on the development of Jordan Water Strategy and associated Policies e.g Irrigation, wastewater, Groundwater (1996-2005), Utilities; Agricultural Strategy and food security program for Jordan (2003-2004), long term investment program for the Water Sector in Jordan (1999-2005).
..........For More

Secretary General of the Jordan Valley Authority

Chairman of theSteeringCommittee of the Jordanian project
Eng. Sa`ed Abu Hammour

   Eng. Saad Abu Hammour is currently the Secretary General of Jordan Valley Authority holding a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pakistan in (1981) , and Masters in Sanitary Engineering from Netherlands University, Holland in (1998) .....For More

Project Manager

Eng.Nabil Al-Zoubi

Red Sea-Dead Sea Project Manager/Jordan Valley Authority and Minister’s Advisor forlarge Projects......For More