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 Dr. Hazim El-Naser worked in developing the long term vision of Jordan's Water Sector, the long term vision of Jordan's    Agriculture Sector, the long term vision of Iraq Water and Sanitation Sector.Worked on the development of Jordan Water Strategy and associated Policies e.g Irrigation, wastewater, Groundwater (1996-2005), Utilities; Agricultural Strategy and food security program for Jordan (2003-2004), long term investment program for the Water Sector in Jordan (1999-2005).


Key achievements:

  •  Developing strategic water and infrastructure projects for Jordan. 
  •  Technical Reviewer and Supervisor of the mega and strategic projects od a total cost that exceed USD 2 billion, i.e. the Red Sea-Dead Sea Canal Studies, and for other nine main national projects e.g. As samara Wastewater Treatment Plant, Disi Water Supply Project, Zara Main Water Supply System, Al Wehdah Dam, Amman Network Rehabilitation Project, Mujab Dam, Deir Alla Water Supply Project, in addition to many other medium- to small-sized water and wastewater projects.
  • Served between 1993-1994 as a member of the Jordanian Delegations to the Multilateral Middle East Peace Process (Working Group on Water Resources) and to the Bilateral Negotiations with Israel on water issues,
  •  Became a member of the Jordanian-Israeli Water Committee in 1994 and was designated Chairman of the Southern Committee on Shared Groundwater Resources.
  •  Published more than 55 scientific papers in the field of water, sanitation , irrigated agriculture and environment, and a BOOK on “Management of Scarce Water Resources in the ME (2009), WTI Press, UK.
  •  The national initiator and motivator for water resource protection and control of illegal violations on water infrastructure and abstraction of the precious groundwater resources.


  •  Post-Doctorate studies in Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis from Harvard University-USA earned in 1996.
  •  PhD from the Technical University of Munich and Wüerzburg-Germany in Groundwater Resources in 1991.
  •  MSc in Hydrology from the University of Jordan-Jordan in 1987.
  •   BSc Hydrology from the University of Jordan-Jordan in in 1985.

History chart 


Appointed Minister of Water and Irrigation and Minister of Agriculture.


Worked as Water Resources Advisor for many International Organizations and Companies in Jordan, Europe and USA.


Member of the Jordan House of Representatives (The Parliament).


Worked as a Consultant/Team Leader for Water and Environmental studies for Iraq.

Worked with international Consultants and the World Bank in developing the water policy for Iraq.

2003 - 2004

Minister of Water and Irrigation and Minister of Agriculture.

2001 - 2005

Minister of Water and Irrigation of Jordan.


Secretary General to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI)


Chairman or Member of Board of Directors of important organizations e.g. Water Authority of Jordan, Jordan Valley Authority, Agriculture Credit Corporation, and Arab Organization for Agriculture Development, Jordan Phosphate Company, and Aqaba Water Company.


Assistant Secretary General to the Technical Affairs /MWI.


Started as a civil servant with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI).